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world literacy day blog cover

Literally, its war: How brands joined the movement against illiteracy on Social Media!

Marketing for a brand or business online is not as easy as it sounds when someone explains it. It’s almost like Buddha’s quest to Nirvana- a transcendental affair! But thanks to the ever changing digital ecosystems that is geared towards a better customer experience, each day us marketers are presented with new challenges. Challenges are good! It makes us marketers vigilant and focused! Voila! We improve each day. The World has over 7.4 billion people and over 3.6 billion of them use the internet on a daily basis. That’s almost about 50 % of the world population. That solely should tell you about the massive marketing potential it has. But while it has made it easy to reach out to your TG, marketing exercises aren’t as straight cut as it was before the internet found Social Media. It’s way more dynamic these days.

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If You Are into Digital Marketing, Then You Must Avoid These

The Digital Age has reached its prodigal adolescence. Puberty was way back when Facebook took over our lives and now finally, the digital age has popped its cherry with the advent of the glorious medium called Digital Marketing. This is the trending buzzword of the year. Every brand, from shoe makers to Schumacher, is delving deep into the marketing manhole of the digital media. But why is it so important? Firstly every bloody person is on the net. We are chatting with the person sitting next to us on Facebook, updating our DP to proclaim our happiness and declaring revolution on the social media. So, to be visible, to be recalled or to create the brand identity, digital marketing is the way. But we should keep in mind that is major NO NOs in Digital Marketing. Keeping these in mind can decide the fate of your digital campaign.

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4 Ingenious Digital Ads On Women's Equality That Will Make You Think

Today’s Social Media marketing has totally changed the way these things matter! Social Observance Days carry a huge amount of public emotion? People love to comment and express their feelings related to such issues with the drive and commitment of a schoolboy in love for the first time. Similar to a schoolboy in love, the attention span lasts only for moments before the floodgates of information open up. For this year’s Women’s Equality Day, not only did we ideate a range of social media wish post ads for our clients but we also dreamt up imaginary brands (inspired by the real brands ofcourse!). There is no limit to a creative and imaginative mind! A few fun and frolicking ads; check out these four wonderfully creative Ads on Women’s Equality that will make you sit up and think.

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social media campaigns on independence day of India

4 Creative Campaigns On Indian Independence Day That Got Us Huge Engagement On Social Media

As a new age digital marketers, We always love to hate the conventions, conformity, and rules. That's freedom. Right? Among millions of Indians under the British rule, only about 2% chose to break the conventional wisdom. They fought, got battered, rose up again and fought, got even more brutally suprressed, and yet they rose. As Peter Peter Diamandis says, “The day before something is a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea.” That's what we try to do with every campaign we design. Many fail. And some get huge success. But, we try to zag while others are zigging!

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international youth day

5 International Youth Day Social Campaigns that took Social Media by storm!

If not anything, the above quote clearly encapsulates the kind effervescence that we normally associate with youth. The young does what the old speculates. Those of you who are privy to the fact that India has the highest youth population in the world, with over 356 million between the ages 16-24 must also know that, it is one of the biggest reasons behind India being one of the fastest growing business markets. It is hence about time brands started communicating to the youth on a regular basis especially on social media to expect any kind of a positive impact on the competitive ecosystem.

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friendship day cover

6 Funny ADs We Did This Friendship Day on Social Media

When no one else cares, friends do! Such is the power of friendship that it also makes the lives of marketers interesting and easy. Our memories, nostalgia and feelings are strengthened around the trunk of friendship. And anything with such a deep emotional value is fertile ground for marketing and advertising on social media. Want to know how? Check out these fun creative ads we designed for Friendship Day to help our clients to have a little fun on on Social Media.

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digital marketing promotion for book

5 Ways To Market First-time Books by Unknown Authors Successfully

When Frank Zappa said “So many books, not enough time”, the world resonated in awe. Let’s face it there is no experience as intimate and personal as reading a good book. The love for reading is one thing, but the love to write is another. With digital book publishing, formats like Amazon Kindle, self-publishing and sorts, there has been a considerable rise in first time authors and publications which adds on to the literary caravan. In this post, we will share with you what we have learnt from this greatly successful digital marketing campaign for a book

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Digital Marketing lessons from tea stalls

Need Quick Growth Hacking Tips? These Small Tea Shops Can Teach Marketing Lessons Better Than The B-Schools

It is intriguing to think as to how learning works. Its everywhere for the eyes that seek and the feet that are never tired of walking. It’s incredible how something as commonplace as a neighbourhood tea joint can throw up an insight into marketing and advertising, nothing less of a ’Entry by Invitation Only’ seminar at a posh banquet far away from the systematic chaos that ensues at neighbourhood tea stalls. Calcutta, or Kolkata as it’s re-renamed, is a weird place. More often than not, it is the absurd and the weird that break barriers. A cliché as it might sound, it is ’the square pegs in the round holes’ that make a difference. Sydney Smith was not kidding one bit when she mentioned it in her path breaking paper , ’ On the Conduct of Understanding’ , nor was Steve Jobs being a poseur when he included the idea in his (in)famous ’ Here’s to the crazy ones' speech.

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new facebook business page layout 2016

How You Can Benefit From The New Facebook Page Layout

I have always thought that the Facebook business pages needed quite a lot of improvement, given the kind of importance it plays for brands as well as Facebook’s own self (The source of its mammoth AD revenue driven by the acceptance of social media marketing strategy by every brand big or small across the globe). In a way, a business page in Facebook is supposed to be a brand’s at-the-moment snapshot with a narrative that reflects its persona. I believe that Facebook will eventually build much more depth for its business pages – a recent inclusion of online store option featuring prominently is just the starting point. And the social giant has been testing multiple versions of a new layout which will gradually roll out to all business pages. I think, the new Facebook page layout is far better in terms of user experience and branding.

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Funny social media day ads for Junk Food

Glutton-mania or Digestive mayhem? Social Media on Junk Food!

We all love it? We all want it? We dream about it? It is a cause of celebration and gives comfort in time of sorrow. What are we talking about? Junk food people, the oozing, melting, spicy goodness that is the sole cause of the mass obesity in the world. But why will we care? When we can stuff our faces with all these processed crap. Well sarcasm aside, we celebrated the World Junk food Day on Social Media on 21st July. Yes, we have a day celebrating junk food, deal with it. Though the world health has seen a drastic downfall since the multinational junk food brands took over the world, but we cannot help but obsess about it. And, we created a few funny creative advertisements for few of brands that we handle over stale pizzas and over-sauced burgers. 

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chotu social mascot

Hindi ho ya Angrezi, Chhotu Ab Rangrezi!

Do social media mascots leverage digital marketing strategies? The only sure way to tell is through experience! It is important to humanise social media mascots and keep it relevant, to really influence digital marketing.  After years of living in a black-and white world, Chhotu – our social media mascot for a footwear brand, had almost decided to go into self-exile. It took dogged persuasion to agree to a comeback (Messi effect perhaps?). Still no clue of what we are talking about?  Read the full story here.

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key to digital marketing success

9 Hacks That Will Help You Run a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

With the ever increasing competition in the digital world, brands, big and small, will have to continuously measure their campaigns to ensure right ROI. Digital Marketing is quickly becoming a specialised field with a high level of expertise involved. There are some great challenges for brands looking for digital marketing agencies to drive their business online. With a widespread acceptance of online marketing, countless entities have sprung up every where. As a brand owner, it is tough to evaluate someone for the job. In a nutshell, you should have a team / agency with a well blended SEO, mobile marketing, and social media marketing expertise. This checklist will help you assessing your in-house marketing team or the Digital Marketing Company you are going to entrust for running your digital campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Digital Marketing

With digital Marketing gaining incredible ground in the past few months, this year businesses can hope to see a never before seen business interaction on digital media. With an expected ten-twenty per cent rise in the global internet using population, not only will digital marketing services and offerings get bigger in the years to come, but the already competitive field is going to get tougher. While businesses and marketers are looking to find the key to digital success, there are few questions that always popup in the discussion. Here are a few of the most asked questions on digital marketing this year.

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social media campaign for fathers day

This Father's Day Special Campaign Proves Why Emotion Sells On Social media

Influencing the Influencers. Brands, today, are increasingly leveraging social issues to create higher recall and high esteem among consumers. Social Media can be harnessed to create strong branding. The first friend, the first teacher, the first hero, the first superhero and a million other firsts! The father holds special importance in every child’s life. If not for fathers it is difficult to imagine how life would have turned out. A father is that person who stands by you, through thick and thins every step along the way. A father is the hero that every child idolises growing up. After all the Marvel and DC group of imaginary superheroes fade away, fathers remain and hold the position for being the real superheroes, omnipotent and loving. With this year’s father’s day on June 19, We took on the task of paying homage to the spirit of fatherhood and celebrating the day with creative ads ideated for the #HappyFathersDay campaign for some of our esteemed clients. Emotion sells. Here is a look at some of them!

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